ScreenDub and Stock Footage Bundles


ScreenDub Bundles are a collection of clips with
Pre-Tracked and Pre-Keyed
screens that you can Customize
with your content to promote
your App, Website, or brand.


Easily learn how to
insert your content

You can download the tutorial here.


What all do I need once I’ve purchased a ScreenDub Bundle?
You will need to have a copy of Adobe After Effects to insert your own content. If you don’t have the most recent version of AE, we also include the tracking data separately that you can use in any version of AE.
Where and how am I allowed to use theses clips?
We use Videohive’s license policy. A standard license permits Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. For additional license information click here.
Why is my screen looking squished?
In many clips, the physical screen in the shot aren’t perfect 16x9 dimensions. As such, when you drop your content into the 16x9 precomp, it’ll get slightly distorted to fit the way the screen looks in the frame. Simply stretch your content in the pre-comp and eyeball it to your liking.
Why is my content not lining up right with the screen?
We’ve seen lots of random issues over the years that users have inquired about and sometimes things like differing frames rates or pixel aspect ratio somehow sneak their way into a user’s project. If things just aren’t lining up, drop us a line below and we’ll see if we can’t help you resolve the issue. Be ready to send a collected version of your project for us to look at.
There is a clip in the preview video that isn’t in the bundle I downloaded. Where is it?
In some of the bundle previews, we’ll show a sneak peek at at a related bundle that would edit together well with the bundle you’re currently viewing. If you read the descriptions in the video, you’ll see that the other clips are available separately on Videohive.


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